If you’re someone who owns firearms and is thinking about relocating your gun safe, you know how daunting this task becomes. Therefore, it is crucial to hire professional gun-safe movers in Aurora who can perform the task without jeopardizing your safety or the security of your valuable firearms.

But before we explore six important reasons to hire professionals, let’s take a closer look at the possible risks you might face if you choose the do-it-yourself (DIY) option.

Four Risk of DIY Gun Safe Moving

Unsafe Moving

One common risk with moving a gun safe yourself is that you might not handle it properly, and that can compromise your gun safe’s strength and safety. If it gets damaged during the move, it might not do a good job of protecting your guns.

If you do not have padlocks, cable locks, or power strips – transporting the safe inside your and then to a new location can be extremely challenging.

Unsafe moving can not only cause damage to the safe but can also cause physical harm.


Moving a gun safe can be pretty dangerous if you’re not careful. If you don’t know what you’re doing or don’t secure it properly, you could hurt yourself.

Even worse, if that heavy metal safe slips or you mishandle it, it could lead to some serious injuries like broken bones, chest problems, or cracked ribs.

Damage to Gun Collections

Gun collections that are stored in a safe can be damaged during relocation. Moreover, moving a firearm within the safe without proper precautions could lead to the gun going off, resulting in potential injury or serious damage.

Property Damage

Gun safes are typically heavy and bulky, with some models weighing several hundred pounds. The weight and bulk of a gun safe make it challenging to maneuver, increasing the risk of damaged walls, floors, and door frames as you attempt to move it through your home.

Six Reasons to Hire Gun Safe Movers in Aurora

1.    Weight and Size

Gun safes are notoriously heavy and bulky. Gun-safe movers in Aurora are equipped with specialized equipment such as straps, padlocks, moving dollies, and sliders that can not only handle and lift heavy metal safes but will also relocate them without any mishaps or accidents.

2.    Complete Security

Gun-safe movers understand the importance of maintaining security during the move. Therefore, they use tamper-proof seals and locking mechanisms to secure your firearms and ensure they remain inaccessible to unauthorized individuals throughout the transportation process.

3.    Material Vulnerability

Gun safes are designed to withstand attacks and protect their contents. However, their structural integrity can be compromised if they face shocks, bumps, and other impacts.

The gun-safe movers in Aurora use straps, harnesses, or ratchet straps to secure the safe to the vehicle. This prevents the safety from shifting and hitting during the move.

4.    Time Efficiency

Moving a gun safe on your own can be a time-consuming and physically demanding process. Professional gun-safe movers have the experience and expertise to complete the move efficiently without delay so that you can have your safe in its new location.

5.    Accountability and Insurance

Reputable gun-safe movers in Aurora carry insurance that covers any potential damage during the move. This insurance provides peace of mind, knowing that if an accident were to occur, you would not be held financially liable

And in case your gun safe or firearm is damaged, you will be compensated for the loss.

When you hire trusted gun-safe movers in Aurora, they come prepared with insurance to cover any possible damage during the move. This insurance provides peace of mind, knowing that if an accident were to occur, you would not be held financially liable. In case of any damage, you will also be compensated.


It’s simply not worth the risk. If you’re considering moving a gun safe on your own, think again. The sheer weight and size of a gun safe make it not only challenging but also pose a significant risk that can be physically and financially detrimental.

Trust Colorado Movers to handle this task for you. We are the expert gun-safe movers in Aurora that can make your relocation experience stress-free, secure, and efficient. Book our services today!


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